Where would we be without steering for our cars? That's a scary thought! Like any mechanical part of your car the steering can loosen and wear over time. Things like the suspension and shocks also have an effect on steering and on the wear of your tires. Power steering, rack and pinion to name a few types of mechanisms all have complex gear boxes, power steering pumps and connections affect the drive-ability of your vehicle.

Part of our routine safety inspections covers the steering and its components but if you feel like the car is not driving like it used to, let us check it out and make sure you are not steering into trouble.

Wheel Alignment

Today's modern vehicles need modern equipment and trained ASE certified mechanics and auto technicians to keep your car driving straight. When you feel your car or truck "pull" or it drifts to one side or the other a wheel alignment is in order. But it is not just about the…

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