Shocks & Struts

The ride of your car or truck depends on a series of springs and coils, but the shocks and struts take most of the abuse of driving over potholes and rough roads in New Orleans. Did you know they also affect the tire wear? Yup. The weaker they get the harder it is to keep your car running straight which causes uneven tire wear and tread damage.

Not only do the shocks and struts give you that smooth ride and great cornering they save your tires which saves you money. Twin Tire and Auto Care are suspension specialists and we have most shocks and struts in stock.

We can keep you car feeling smooth.

Wheel Alignment

Today's modern vehicles need modern equipment and trained ASE certified mechanics and auto technicians to keep your car driving straight. When you feel your car or truck "pull" or it drifts to one side or the other a wheel alignment is in order. But it is not just about the…

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