Twin Tire Auto Repair New OrleansTwin Tire & Auto Care was established October 8, 1973, on General Meyer Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, by twin brothers Dennis and James Richard, Sr. The brothers wanted to serve the west bank of New Orleans with the highest quality tire service centered around a family-oriented environment. The response from the community was overwhelming. This inspired the twins to open an additional location in 1978 on 8th Street in Harvey, Louisiana. In 1980, the General Meyer location was moved to 539 Holmes Boulevard and the twins' sons Dennis and James, Jr., joined the business. 1995 called for an expansion, moving from 8th Street to 1200 Manhattan Boulevard also in Harvey, Louisiana.

Twin Tire & Auto Care has had serious growth over the past 15 years, allowing us to offer the best in high tech tire and auto services. Twin Tire & Auto Care employs ASE-certified technicians with at least one master tech at each location who operates the most advanced service and diagnostic equipment in the area. The sales team at Twin Tire & Auto Care consist of fifteen people, whose experience ranges from 10 to 40 years.

Richie Muhlwisen Twin Tire Harvey

Richie Muhleisen
Manager Harvey

Keith Williams
Manager Hammond

Craig Dietrich Manager Marrero Twin Tire

Craig Dietrich
Manager Marrero Store

What began as a two-man family operation has now grown into the top-notch tire and auto service center in the metro New Orleans area. Experience and expertise at Twin Tire & Auto Care has satisfied the Westbank and North Shore communities immensely. Plans for continued growth in sales and locations are in the making. Our rapid growth and expansion will not diminish the attitude the twins and their support staff carry along with their business. "We are big enough to serve you, but still small enough to really care.

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