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Regular visits to the New Orleans auto care pros at Twin Tire will help your car make it to 150,000 miles and beyond.

Now that Christmas is over, you're looking forward to other things - tonight's Pelicans game, New Year's Eve, and all those bills. You almost - not quite - regret buying all those gifts and all that holiday decor. But you are in full "save money" mode and you're planning to make a New Year's resolution about making things last.

There is one thing you own that you can make last for a very long time - your car. With a bit of care, your car can go farther than 150,000 miles, according to Thoughtco has 12 tips for helping your car last. Among them:


"If your car has a ‘maintenance minder,’ use that as a guideline for service, but be sure to doublecheck your owner's manual as some items need to be replaced based on time rather than mileage. ...


"Be on the lookout for new noises, strange smells or anything that just doesn’t feel right. If something seems amiss, talk to your mechanic ...


"If you're going to keep your car as long as possible, you have to want to keep it as long as possible. Don't ignore seemingly unimportant problems like broken trim, torn upholstery, or electrical glitches. Little annoyances add up and can begin to erode your love affair with your old car.


"Whether or not to use genuine manufacturer parts is open to debate, but don't just opt for the least expensive parts you can find."

You also need a good New Orleans auto care technician you can rely on. That's why you need to consult the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire Auto Care.

Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient New Orleans auto care and auto repair service centers to help you - MarreroHarvey and HammondTwin Tirealso has a New Orleans auto repair and auto care location in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

Twin Tire will close at noon Saturday for the New Year's holiday weekend.

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