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Now that hot weather is over, it's time to get your car battery tested.

You're thinking your imagination may be in overdrive because nothing is really "wrong" with your car. But something seems a bit off. Your car seems to take a few seconds longer to start. And your lights seem to dim when you turn on the air conditioner or the heater.

It sounds as if you need your car battery tested. The National Auto Parts Association (NAPA) says that signs of a failing battery can be subtle - just like the signs you're noticing. It wouldn't be surprising that your battery might need to be replaced, even if it's relatively new. New Orleans, as you know, is hot, hot, hot during the summer. And hot weather really takes a toll on batteries.

"The best way to find out if your battery is on its way out is to have it tested," NAPA says. "The test will help you determine if you need a new battery, or if you vehicle has another electrical problem, such as a bad alternator."

If you do need a new battery, you're in luck. Twin Tire and Auto Care is having a special $10 off on the price of NAPA batteries. But the discount only applies on Saturdays. The battery discount is just one of several Twin Tire is offering on Saturdays through the end of January to celebrate the fact that all our locations are now open that day. So come on down to one of our convenient locations in Marrero, Harvey or Hammond on Saturday for a price break on batteries. You'll be glad you made sure your battery is 100 percent so you don't get stranded at Luna Fete.

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