That Boinging Could Mean Your Suspension Is Shot

If your eyeballs are jiggling when you hit a bump, it's time to find a car repair shop in the Metairie-New Orleans area to fix your suspension.

You and the kids had fun go karting over the weekend. But you have to admit, the go karts were a more comfortable ride than your car, which bounces like a basketball every time you hit a bump in the road. Even if it’s a small bump.

That’s certainly one indication you have problems with your suspension – the shocks, struts and/or springs. Other signs that your suspension system has problems include a hard ride, swaying at high speeds, or wallowing around corners, according to The best way to avoid suspension problems, driverside says, is to have a car repair technician, like those at Twin Tire and Auto Care, regularly check your shock absorbers, struts and springs to catch wear and tear before you have real problems. But if you haven’t been real diligent about preventive auto care and problems develop, you need to bring your car to Twin Tire now.

“If you need new shocks or struts, don't delay, because these are crucial safety items that help you maintain control behind the wheel,” driverside says. Delaying repairs is “never a good idea, honestly, but it's an especially bad idea when we're talking about vital suspension components like shocks and struts. … Shocks and struts are not simply about giving your car a smooth ride! They're not luxury items; rather, they are integral to car control, so when they fail, your car becomes a hazard to both yourself and other drivers.”

Now’s also a good time to swing by Twin Tire and Auto Care for car repair. We have a $25 gift certificate for our customers to use whatever way they want (except on a conventional oil change). It’s good for service to all types of cars and light trucks (gas powered, diesel, hybrid, electric). You have until Jan. 31 to use it and it can’t be combined with any other offer.

Twin Tire has been providing auto care and car repair to the greater New Orleans and Metairie area for more than 41 years. We have three convenient auto care locations in Harvey, Marrero and Hammond to handle cars and light trucks. For heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, try our Harahan location. We provide service and car repair to all types of vehicles – traditional gas powered, hybrid, diesel and electric.

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