My Car Won’t Start

The causes are many from a dead battery to clogged fuel injectors. Call Twin Tire Auto Care and car repair shop in Harvey, Hammond or Marrero.

You spent much of the weekend happily slurping oysters at the Oyster Festival in Metairie and finished it off mourning the Saints’ loss to the 49ers. Now it looks as if the bad end to the weekend has become a bad start to the week – when you got in your car this morning, it wouldn’t start.

That could be a couple of things, including a dead battery. But if you’ve had trouble starting the car recently and been hearing a sputtering sound when starting it, then it’s likely a clogged fuel injector, says

“A clogged fuel injector is usually the result of the fuel filter not doing its job well enough, allowing particles into the fuel injectors. Clogged fuel injectors allow either too much or too little fuel into the engine, causing any number of problems with your car’s performance, fuel economy and emissions,” ehow says.

If you are having trouble starting your car or truck, the place to call is Twin Tire and Auto Care. We have branches in Harvey, Marrero and Hammond ready to serve you. We began in 1973 as a two-man family operation. Now we’re the trusted, top-notch tire and auto repair center in the metro New Orleans area. We can get you fixed up and have you on your way again so you don’t miss tomorrow’s Veterans Day memorial ceremony at the National WWII Museum.

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