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If your brakes aren't responding quickly, it's time to find a car repair expert.

Remember how responsive your brakes were when you first got your car? The first time you stepped on them, the car stopped so fast you almost sent yourself into the windshield. But it didn’t take long for you to adjust your driving and touch to the brake pedal’s sensitivity. But you’ve been wondering recently if it’s your driving, your imagination, or if your brakes are becoming less responsive and need some work.

If your brakes have been squealing when you come to a stop, the answer is a definite “yes, they do need work.” As points out, many brake manufacturers put a metal indicator on their brake pads so that the pad squeals when it needs replacing. But, that can rust and fall off leaving you to judge whether to get a trusted car repair expert, like those at Twin Tire and Auto Care, to check out your brakes.

A good general rule, according to driverside: “If it takes you longer to stop than it used to, or if your brake pedal travels farther than it did a few months ago, it might be a good idea to get your stoppers checked. Regular pad checks are a good idea and require little more than removing a wheel and knowing what to look for.”

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