Car Not Strutting Its Stuff?

If your ride has become a bit bouncy, it's time to let a car repair expert in Metairie-New Orleans take a look at your struts.

You drove to Lafitte over the weekend for an airboat ride through the swamp. Trouble was, the ride was pretty bumpy. Not the airboat ride, your car ride. Not only did you feel every little bump in the road as if it was a major cliff, you heard a vibrating thumping coming from the tire area. Other than that, though, your car seems to be okay.

You’d be wise to bring your car to one of Twin Tire and Auto Care’s three locations – Harvey, Marrero  or Hammond – to let our car repair experts take a look. It sounds as if your struts might be going. The struts are part of the car’s suspension system. Their job is to make the ride more comfortable. But they do more than make things comfortable, they also help keep all four tires on the road. Over time, they can wear out and it’s not wise to ignore them when they do.

“If a strut goes unrepaired, it can do additional damage to a vehicle. The added stress on the rest of the support system can suffer an almost crippling effect. The lack of a simple fix can easily lead to multiple systems being affected from having to endure harsher than normal driving conditions. In extreme cases, a strut can completely collapse or puncture engine parts making the car completely inoperable,” ebay warns.

Ebay adds, “Paying attention to the warning signs that car struts need to be replaced is critical to the suspension system’s operation. It is important to fix the issue as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of additional damage being done to the car.”

The car repair experts at Twin Tire can help you out. We’re the trusted car repair folks in Metairie-New Orleans. We’re locally owned and got our start in 1973. Our shops in Harvey, Hammond and Marrero service cars and light trucks. Our Harahan location services heavy, commercial trucks.

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