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A regular oil change in New Orleans and Marrero is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running without problems for years to come.

Summer is coming to an end and you're thinking of driving to Pearl River for a last chance at the Liars & Lunkers Fishing Tournament. But even though it's not very far to Pearl River, you're wondering if you should get your car checked out first. You're especially concerned about having your oil changed. You're not sure when it was last changed, but you're sure it's been awhile.

Yes, you should get your oil changed if it's been awhile. (The change in season is a good time to change your oil.) Car Talk says,"Changing your vehicle's oil is one of the most important things you can do to avoid bringing large bags of money to your mechanic later on."

Car Talk explains: "Oil undergoes thermal breakdown due to high operating temperature. When this occurs, the oil becomes less effective as a lubricant. And without a good lubricant ... parts of the engine rub together and wear each other out.

"Oil also contains additives that have the ability to neutralize acids. Over time, these additives get used up and stop being effective.

"Finally, oil can absorb water, dust and combustion byproducts and also hold them in suspension. Eventually, the oil gets saturated with this stuff and can't absorb any more. Then that stuff remains in the engine and can cause corrosion."

The best place for an oil change in the New Orleans-Marrero area is Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the trusted Marrero and New Orleans auto repair shop since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient locations to service your car or light truck - Marrero, Hammond and Harvey. Twin Tire also has a location in Harahan for heavy, commercial vehicles.

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