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Car batteries suffer in cold weather. If your Marrero battery won’t start, it’s time to talk with the Marrero battery specialists at Twin Tire.

Despite the chilly weather, you’re looking forward to going down to King Cake Central today.

That certainly sounds like fun but you don’t want to cap things off by sitting in a cold car waiting for a jump because your battery died. That unwelcome scenario is frequently played out in cooler weather because batteries must work harder in the cold. And if they’re not up to par, they can die.

You can help prevent unwelcome disasters by making sure your battery is up for the cold weather challenge. Make sure terminals are clean and tightened — you may even want to clean around terminals with an old toothbrush and a homemade mixture of baking soda and water,” says. adds, “Keep in mind that you should replace your battery every three to four years, but if you suspect your battery won't survive the season, have a trained technician check it out. If it is time to shop for a replacement battery, look for a model that offers more starting power, higher cold cranking amps, and reserve capacity to provide electrical energy when the engine isn't running.

If you need a new Marrero battery or you’re not sure if your Marrero battery will make it through the rest of winter, it’s time to call the Marrero battery pros at Twin Tire Auto Care.

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