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If your Marrero battery won’t start your car, call the Marrero battery experts at Twin Tire for help.

If you own a car, you’ve likely had this happen: You hop in the car to go to Pardi Gras, turn the key and … nothing happens. Well, you might get that click, click, click sound indicating your battery is dead.

The likelihood of this happening increases in cold weather.

Cold temperatures wreak havoc on batteries because they slow the chemical reaction inside of the battery,” according to “Though batteries can function under myriad conditions, the cold weather tends to degrade high-quality batteries and may render subpar batteries useless.”

You can take precautions to prevent that from happening, farmanddairy says. Those include minimizing the use of accessories (don’t start the car with the heater and radio on). You can also keep track of your battery’s age and replace it as it gets toward the end of its life. And you can check for corrosion.

If you have an older or corroded battery or, despite everything, your battery dies, call the Marrero battery pros at Twin Tire Auto Care for help. Twin Tire’s Marrero battery experts will make sure you get the battery that's best for you and your car.

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