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If your Marrero tires have a puncture, are losing air, or need replacing, you need to see the Marrero tire experts at Twin Tire.

When you started your car on the way to the UNO game against the Sugar Bears, you saw that your TPMS light had come on and was staying on. You got out of the car and looked at your tires but none were flat. They looked okay. Now you’re not sure whether to ignore the light or have your tires checked out.

Considering how chilly it’s been recently in New Orleans, the most likely reason for your tire pressure light to come on is because of the weather. Consumer Reports notes that “colder temperatures will cause tire pressure to drop about 1 psi for every 10°F drop in air temperature. Getting a tire pressure warning light on a chilly morning doesn’t necessarily indicate a puncture, just that your tires are running low pressure and you need to top them off as soon as possible.

If you drive a few miles, the tires will warm up and the light may go off. But, don’t rely on that. Consumer Reports suggests, “Whether it goes off or not, your tire pressure needs to be checked with a gauge and topped off.

You can certainly check the pressure yourself, but you can also have a Marrero tire pro check it and, at the same time, check for punctures, leaks, cracks, worn tread – all the things that make your tires unsafe. That way, if anything is seriously wrong, the Marrero tire technician can fix it or can easily replace the tire.

When you’re looking for a trusted Marrero tire pro to check, repair, or replace your tires, look no further than the reliable Marrero tire experts at Twin Tire Auto Care.

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