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Making sure your auto air service is done ensures a comfortable ride for you and your passengers of any species.

Ever passed by a car on an especially hot day and seen a dog, cat or other pet panting inside? Well, under a groundbreaking law Tennessee recently enacted, passersby are allowed to smash the window to save the animal from suffering and/or death and they’ll have no civil liability for damaging the car. The law is thought to be the first in the nation but there seems to be steam building in other states to follow suit.

While most pet owners realize it’s cruel and dangerous to leave a pet in a hot (or cold) car, they may not think it’s as dangerous to transport an animal on a hot day in an un-air-conditioned car. But that’s not so. An open window likely won’t provide enough ventilation and breeze to offset the hot sun beating through the glass. That’s the case whether you’re taking Maisie on a long trip, or a day trip outing to say, the Seafood Festival, where Skater might not be welcome anyway.

So, before you pack Freddy or Mittens in the car for a trip – long or short – make sure your auto air conditioning is working. It’s a matter of comfort and safety for you and your passengers, human and furry. And, of course, the best place in the New Orleans-Marrero area to get your auto air service done is at Twin Tire and Auto Care.

Twin Tire has been the trusted shop for auto care and auto repair in New Orleans since 1973. Twin Tire has three shops to provide auto air service and auto care for cars and light trucks – Marrero, Hammond and Harvey. Twin also has a location in Harahan for heavy, commercial vehicles.

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