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You need an auto mechanic to look at your transmission if your gears are grinding.

You've been hearing it for awhile - a grinding sound when you change gears. But, you've been ignoring it, hoping it wasn't something serious or would go away by itself. But, now, with Halloween on the horizon, you've decided to do something about that noise. After all, how do you tour haunted places in New Orleans and sneak up on ghosts and goblins if your car is making that horrible sound?

A grinding noise when changing gears is a common indication of transmission trouble, according to Not fixing it can lead to complete transmission failure. The best thing to do, according to the folks at Twin Tire and Auto Care, is to maintain your transmission with their Valvoline transmission service, which, among other things, removes harmful deposits and injects clean fluid into the system.

Twin Tire has been the auto repair company of choice in New Orleans since 1973. You can find Twin Tire's certified auto mechanics at any one of three convenient locations in Marrero, Harvey or Hammond. For heavy commercial vehicles, we have a location in Harahan,

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