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If your car runs hot, it's time to find a New Orleans auto repair expert to take a look at your cooling system.

What better way to spend a Saturday than running through colored "foam bogs" at the Bubble Run? Trouble is, your car doesn't seem to be cooperating. It overheated on the way home from work last night and you're wondering if you can ignore it until Monday.

Ignoring it until Monday probably isn't wise. It sounds as if there's a problem in your cooling system. As carsdirect.com explains, when most drivers think of the cooling system, their thoughts immediately go to the radiator because it's the most well known component. And, certainly, a bad radiator could be the culprit, but might not be. There could be a leaky radiator hose,  a failed thermostat, air in the cooling system, a leak in the radiator, a failed water pump, an obstruction in the cooling system, or a failed radiator fan.

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