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Regular auto care will keep your carriage from turning into a pumpkin.

For the eventual winner of this week's Zurich Cup golf tournament, it might seem like a fairy tale dream has come true. But that dream won't come true without regular practice. Auto care is like that. Basic auto care is like golf practice. Do it regularly and, instead of winning golf tournaments, you win a long-lasting car that has few major troubles. Keeping your car for a long time is money in the bank, says the nonprofit Car Care Council.

“The smartest way to get a solid return on your vehicle investment is to keep your car through what we call the ‘Cinderella Era.’ That’s the period of time after the payoff when your car is still in great shape and needs only modest repairs,” said Rich White, the council's executive director. “With proper care, the typical vehicle should deliver at least 200,000 miles of safe, dependable performance, and that’s no fairy tale.”

And it doesn't cost much to do that regular maintenance - just about the amount of one car payment can take care of a year's maintenance, the council says. That would involve keeping up with the most common maintenance procedures: checking the oil, filters and fluids, the belts and hoses, brakes, tires and air conditioning. The council also recommends an annual tune-up and wheel alignment.

“Whether it’s an oil change, replacing brakes or new belts and hoses, that periodic repair bill is a drop in the bucket compared to monthly payments on a new car,” said White. “The end of the story is that a properly maintained vehicle is safer, more dependable, more fuel efficient, less polluting and more valuable.”

Drivers in New Orleans have a destination service center for basic auto care: Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the trusted, reliable New Orleans auto care company since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient locations to service cars and light trucks - Marrero, Hammond and Harvey. Twin Tire also has a Harahan location for heavy commercial vehicles.

Twin Tire offers even more - Twin Tire Rewards. It's free to sign up and you get points with each qualifying purchase. You can redeem those points for more auto care or car repairs. Or trade them for travel perks. Or be generous and donate them to a New Orleans charity like the Children's Hospital of New Orleans.

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