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When it's time to cleanse the fluids in your car, it's time to see the New Orleans auto care guys at Twin Tire.

You and some friends decided to stick around New Orleans this holiday weekend to enjoy the local fireworks and try the scavenger hunt in the French Quarter. But you do have plans to take some road trips later this summer and fall – to get out of the hot, muggy weather if nothing else.

If you know you’re planning to take a road trip, it’s not too early to make sure your car is good to go. That means you should get your tires, auto air, and other systems checked now so they don’t leave you stranded on the road. If it’s been while, you also want to change your oil and consider flushing other fluids – coolant, transmission, differential, and power steering – so you can replace them with clean fluids that will help extend the life of your car.

Whether your car – or any of your car’s systems – needs fluid flushing depends on many things from the age of your car to its make. For example, your coolant:

“You take off the cap and look at the coolant. It's a nice shade of green, or maybe red, or maybe even orange. It looks good. Should you leave it in? Unless it's colored orange, the answer is no, especially if it's been two years or more since the last time you drained it,” Popular Mechanics says.

Popular Mechanics adds, “Today's engines are loaded with aluminum components: cylinder heads, water pumps, manifolds, even engine blocks. And the two primary heat exchangers–radiator and heater–are also aluminum. Aluminum needs great corrosion protection to survive, and the corrosion protection in green and red antifreeze is used up in about two years. Orange offers longer life, but if your car came with green or red, you can't switch to orange without a fair amount of preparation. And if your car is much more than four years old, a switch is not likely to yield long-term coolant life–you'd still face the usual two-year drain interval.”

If you’re not sure whether your car needs a fluid flush, your best bet is to talk to a trusted New Orleans auto care pro like the New Orleans auto care guys at Twin Tire Auto Care.

If you do decide that your car needs a fluid flush, you’re in luck. Twin Tire has a money savings coupon for $15 off a vehicle maintenance flush. For full details, talk with your New Orleans auto care expert at Twin Tire. But be sure to consult with him soon, because the coupon is only good through Aug. 3.

While you’re at Twin Tire, ask about Twin Tire’s other money-savings coupon  to get an auto a/c drain, evac and recharge for only $99.95. That’s a savings of $40.04 over the normal price of $139.99. But take advantage of it now because it's only good through the end of July.

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