Have Regular Oil Changes for the Best Auto Care

Driving on no, low, or dirty oil can destroy your engine. Make sure your auto care routine includes regular oil changes.

Monsters are lurking everywhere. At least that’s the way it seems if you watch much television. There’s Bigfoot. The Chupacabra. Hogzilla. And, of course, our homegrown critter from the greater Metairie-New Orleans area – the Honey Island Swamp monster. Whether or not you believe it exists, you have to admit, it does look like a certain amount of weird fun to go looking. So you’ve decided to take a day (or night) trip to Honey Island for a tour.

But before you head off to the swamp, swing by one of Twin Tire and Auto Care’s three locations (Harvey, Hammond and Marrero) to have us check your oil and tires. Yes, we know it’s only about a hundred mile roundtrip, but it’s never wise to run on dirty, low, or no oil.

“Engine oil is the life blood of your vehicle,” carsdirect.com says. “It's essential for the function of your engine. Any lack of engine oil in the system, or even dirty oil, will lead to extreme engine wear, and driving a car low on oil can lead to some pretty bad situations.”

And you can’t rely on lights or other indicators to know when your oil needs changing, carsdirect says.

“It's easy to forget about checking the oil, but it's critical, especially before and after longer trips, to make sure you don't unknowingly contribute to destroying the engine,” according to carsdirect.

So you need to be diligent about checking it – or having a trusted auto care shop like Twin Tire check it for you. And you’re in luck, Twin Tire has a special on an oil change through Feb. 28 – only $28.95.

So, before you go monster hunting, have Twin Tire make sure your vehicle is in good shape. After all, you don’t want to break down when Bigfoot is in hot pursuit.

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