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If it's time to flush those fluids in your car, it's time to take advantage of the discount coupon from the New Orleans auto care pros at Twin Tire.

With all the rain recently, you haven't done a whole lot and now you're getting cabin fever. You're thinking of going to the Vegan fest today to sample something new and to get out of the house.

Getting stuck inside because of bad weather doesn't only affect peoples' social lives and social activities, it can also cause you to put off other things. Like auto care. Whether it's an oil change, a radiator flush, or something bigger, you sometimes feel it can wait rather than drive to see a New Orleans auto care technician when it's pouring down rain.

But putting off New Orleans auto care - like a simple radiator flush - is not a wise thing to do.

"Coolant needs to be flushed because it breaks down over the years and then loses the ability to serve its purpose of maintaining optimum temperature of the engine and preventing corrosion," girlsasutoclinic.com says. "Dirt and rust particles are floating inside the coolant which can clog your radiator or heater core. Clogs in the radiator will cause your car to overheat. A clog in the heater core will prevent heat from getting into the car.  A heater core replacement is a very expensive repair."

It's especially bad to delay that radiator flush when the New Orleans auto care specialists at Twin Tire Auto Care have a discount special - $15 off a vehicle maintenance flush. That includes coolant, differential, transmission and power steering fluids. Ask your Twin Tire New Orleans auto care guru for full details.

And while you're at Twin Tire, ask about our other money-saving coupon for an auto a/c drain, evac and recharge for only $99.95. That’s a savings of $40.04 over the normal price of $139.99. But take advantage of it now because it's only good through the end of July.

Twin Tire Discount Coupon

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