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Want to keep your car running at peak for a long time? Get preventive maintenance from the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire.

Today is the Red Dress Run. You're thinking of going down to watch but you hesitate because it'll remind you that you need to be a bit more proactive about fitness. But it's not just you who needs to stay fit. Your car also needs to stay fit. And if you're like most car owners, you're a bit slack about it.

The nonprofit Car Care Council points out that community car care events across the U.S. show that most cars could use some TLC:

"The community car care event inspections checked a variety of vehicle components including wipers, belts, hoses, air filters, lighting, tires and lubricant/fluids. The Car Care Council gathered and tabulated the results and found that eight out of 10 vehicles need some type of service. The top areas showing the highest failure rates include:

"Engine Oil – 22 percent of vehicles tested had low, overfull or dirty oil.

"Belts/Hoses – inspections revealed 18 percent of belts were unsatisfactory and at least 12 percent of vehicles needed a new hose.

"Air Filters – nearly one out of every five vehicles inspected needed a new air filter.

"Check Engine Light – 14 percent of vehicles had an illuminated check engine light, slightly higher than the previous year’s results.

"Batteries – battery cables, clamps and terminals were found to be in need of repair on 18 percent of vehicles inspected."

That's bad for the car and your wallet. As  Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council, says, “By implementing a proactive auto care plan, car owners can identify and fix small issues now before they become more costly repairs later.”

The place to go for the best New Orleans auto care is Twin Tire Auto Care. The best way to treat your car is to come in for a monthly check of things like oil, battery, cables, hoses and so forth. Those items help keep your car running at optimum performance and, if something is wrong, the certified New Orleans auto care techs at Twin Tire can catch it long before it becomes a serious issue.

Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center of choice since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient New Orleans auto repair and auto care centers to serve you - Marrero, Hammond and Harvey. Twin Tire also has a New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

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