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When you're due - or overdue - for a Marrero oil change, it's time to see the Marrero oil change specialists at Twin Tire.

You're planning to spend a fun day with the kids today at the Audubon Zoo. Of course the drive will be a bit irritating - not because kids will be asking, "Are we there yet?" - but because that oil change light on your dash just won't go away. You see it and you think, "Okay, okay, okay, I'll get to it." But somehow that never happens.

That's not a good move.

As points out, "One of the biggest dangers of not changing your oil is sludge buildup. Sludge occurs when old oil begins to gel or solidify in an engine. When sludge begins to build up, oil isn’t able to flow freely through the engine and can cause oil starvation to crankshafts, bearings, camshafts, and other valve train components not be lubricated. In time, this can cause major damage to the engine and, in the worst situations, require an engine replacement or rebuild."

But, you say, you haven't let it go THAT long.

"First some bad news, it is impossible to say whether or not you have caused some sort of damage to your engine," says. "You might get lucky and find out that nothing has happened to the engine, but more often than not some sort of wear or sludge forming has happened."

Your best bet, says is to take your car to your mechanic, tell them what happened at have them take a look at the engine.

"They can tell you if there are signs of incoming problems and provide a course of action to keep your engine going for the long haul," says.

Of course, your REAL best bet is to keep up with your oil changes. And, if you're due, you're in luck. Today is the last day of Twin Tire Auto Care's Valentine's special (show your car some love). Twin Tire is offering $10 off an oil change. Call or drop by Twin Tire and talk with one of our oil change specialists for full details.

Speaking of Twin Tire, when you're looking for a Marrero oil change specialist, or a New Orleans oil change pro, head on over to Twin Tire.

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