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If your wheels are out of alignment, you need the Marrero alignment specialists at Twin Tire can help.

You were thinking about going to the Krewe of Pontchartrain parade today, but now you're not so sure that's a good idea. Between the weather that makes roads hazardous and the way your car is acting, it's almost more effort than it's worth to drive someplace unless you absolutely HAVE to be there.

Way your car is acting?

Yes, it's been handling badly recently -- pulling to the right. You have to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel to stay straight in your lane. And, when your car is traveling straight ahead, the steering wheel is at an angle.

Sounds as if your car is out of alignment.

"Improper wheel alignment can cause issues with how your vehicle handles — which could create a safety hazard — and can also negatively impact tire tread and gas mileage," according to Angie's List.

But, you say, you don't remember hitting a big pothole or hitting another car or a curb or something to knock the wheels out of alignment. It doesn't have to be something big, according to Angie's List. You could have run over road debris or a bump or or other obstruction in the road and done the damage.

Rather than trying to figure out how you did it, your better bet is to find a Marrero alignment technician to set things straight. You can easily find a trusted Marrero alignment pro at Twin Tire Auto Care.

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