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Make sure auto air repair has been done so your a/c can keep things cool when your dog rides along in New Orleans' hot summer weather.

One of the joys of summer – well, of any season – is taking your dog with you when you go places. And we’re lucky in New Orleans because the area is relatively dog friendly. The travel website lists seven dog-friendly attractions in New Orleans including dog parks. That’s just in New Orleans. Bringfido says there are at least 14 other dog-friendly attractions within an easy drive of the city. That’s including dog-friendly attractions in Metairie and Hammond.

Whether you’re going around the corner to your local dog park or farther away, you want to make sure Max or Bella has a good trip. If you’re unsure how to do that, animal welfare activists can help. The Humane Society, for example, offers these tips (and more) for traveling by car with your dog: Don’t let him run free in the car. And don’t put her in the front seat.

And of course one of the most important tips: Don't ever leave your pet alone in a car.

First, it makes her vulnerable to dognappers. Then, there’s the heat factor.

“A quick pit stop may feel like no time at all to you, but it's too long to leave your pet in a car by himself,” the Humane Society says.

“One hazard is heat: When it's 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 116 degrees within an hour. On an 85-degree day, even with the windows slightly open, the temperature inside your car can reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. If you're held up for 30 minutes, you may return to a car that's 120 degrees inside and a pet who is suffering irreversible organ damage or death.”

Heat can also be a factor while in a moving car. You’ve certainly had times when you’ve baked while driving a car in the hot Louisiana summertime. And you don’t want your pet to experience the same discomfort. The best thing you can do for that is to make sure your auto air conditioning is working. You can do that by bringing your car by Twin Tire and Auto Care for auto air service before you go anywhere with Pookie or Sophie.

Twin Tire has three convenient locations in the New Orleans area to provide auto air repair – Hammond, Harvey and Marrero. Those are for cars and light trucks. Twin also provides a/c repair and other repairs for heavy commercial vehicles at its Harahan location. Twin Tire has been the New Orleans area’s trusted shop for a/c service and auto air repair since it opened in 1973.

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