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Allergy season is upon us. If your sneezing is worse in your car, you need to have your air filter checked while you're having car and tire service in Metairie-New Orleans.

Sniff. Sneeze. Wheeze. Those are the sounds of spring for allergy sufferers. And it’s especially bad in New Orleans, which has been called “one of the worst places for those with allergies.” Those beautiful trees and flowers do have their downside for some of us.

Of course, there are many things allergy sufferers can do to make their lives better in spring. Shots. Over-the-counter meds. Car maintenance.

Yes, we said car maintenance.

Not maintaining your car can actually make your allergies worse, at least when you’re in the vehicle. If you don’t maintain your car, your air filter doesn’t get checked. And it gets dirty. And  clogged with all the pollen, dust and debris it’s picked up for the last umpty thousands of miles.

“A dirty or clogged cabin air filter can cause contaminants to become so concentrated in the cabin that passengers actually breathe in more fumes and particles when riding in the car than when walking down the street,” said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. “With allergy season quickly approaching, replacing the cabin air filter is a simple way for you and your passengers to breathe easier while driving.”

It’s not just allergies. A clogged air filter, the council says, “can cause musty odors in the vehicle and impair airflow in the HVAC system, possibly causing interior heating and cooling problems. Over time, the heater and air conditioner may also become damaged by corrosion. In addition to trapping pollen, bacteria, dust and exhaust gases, the cabin air filter prevents leaves, bugs and other debris from entering the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.”

It’s not enough just to clean your air filter, the council says. You need to get a new one every 12,000 to 15,000 miles depending on your car and driving habits. If you’ve kept up with regular maintenance and tire service at Twin Tire and Auto Care, then the filter has been checked. But if you haven’t kept up with maintenance, then it could be clogged.

Now’s a great time of year to get that filter checked before the height of pollen season hits in the Metairie-New Orleans area. It’s also a good time for tire service and other car checkups before road trip season is in full swing. And Twin Tire is the place to go. We’ve been the trusted guys for auto care and tire service in Metairie-New Orleans since 1973. We have three convenient locations for cars and light trucks – Harvey, Marrero and Hammond. And we have a shop in Harahan for heavy, commercial trucks.

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