Sometimes It’s Hard to Get in Gear | Transmission

If it's your car that's hard to get into gear, you need to see an auto repair expert in the Gretna and Ponchatoula area.

You noticed when you were headed home from the Jazz Fest that there was a distinct hesitation or lack of response when your car went into gear. There was a definite delay between the time you shifted from park into drive and when your car decided to move. That’s a sign that your transmission needs work.

You definitely want to get that fixed sooner rather than later. Any transmission problems could get worse, says, “if your transmission is not well maintained and/or symptoms of a problem are not checked by a professional soon after they develop.” And you especially want to make sure your car is good to go so you can get to this weekend’s jazzy events.

The best thing you can do is to bring your car to the trusted auto repair experts at one of Twin Tire and Auto Care’s three convenient locations in Harvey, Hammond or Marrero. Twin Tire is locally owned and has been serving the greater New Orleans-Gretna-Ponchatoula area since 1973. We’re known not only for our prompt auto repair but also for tire service. We stock all brands, sizes and styles of tires to fit any vehicle or driving need. We can even help if you have a heavy, commercial truck. Just bring it by our Harahan location.

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