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It's never too early to start thinking about summer tire maintenance and care.

It’s already hot, with the hottest days of summer still several weeks away. The temperatures are a reminder that it’s time to think about summer car care. That care starts with your tires. The Rubber Manufacturers Association suggests you (or a trusted auto mechanic) take 5 minutes each month and before every long drive to check your tires. That includes the spare, if you have one.

What should you – or your mechanic -  be checking? Well, the RMA says tire pressure and tread should be high on the list.

Under inflation creates excessive stresses and heat and may lead to tire failure,” the RMA says. “It is also important to guard against over inflation, which can cause uneven wear plus handling and stopping problems.”

You should also have the alignment and rotation checked if you’re going to drive long distances with a loaded vehicle or if you haven’t had your tires checked in awhile, according to the RMA.

A good place to get your tires checked is at one of Twin Tire and Auto Care’s three convenient locations in Hammond, Marrero or Harvey. Twin Tire has been the trusted tire service and auto repair shop in the New Orleans area since 1973. Not only do we do tire maintenance and tire repair, if you happen to need new tires, we carry all brands, sizes and styles to meet your driving needs. Twin Tire should be your first stop whether you’re sticking around town for the Bayou Boogaloo or headed off to Alaska.

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