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There are as many tires on the market as there are cars on the road. Let the tire service experts at Twin Tire help you choose the best tire for your car.

So you came out of your house this morning and took a REALLY good look at your tires. Much as you hate to admit it, they do look pretty bad and you’re not even sure you’re going to make it to work this morning muchless to the Jazz Fest this weekend.

You decide to drop your car off at Twin Tire and Auto Care on the way to work to let our tire service guys work their magic on your wheels. You figure we can just slap a set of the four cheapest tires on your car and you’ll be on your way.

That is one scenario.

But you’re probably going to find that it’s a bit more complicated than that because the tire service experts at Twin Tire are going to want to know something about you and your driving needs before suggesting what’s best for your car.

Those questions are one of the reasons that Twin Tire is the trusted tire service expert in greater New Orleans, Gretna and Ponchatoula. We know from experience that your tire choice will have a huge impact on your driving.

As explains: “Tires are the most overlooked component of a car, yet they are the most critical to a vehicle’s safety and performance. The type and condition of the tires effect every facet of a vehicle’s performance: acceleration, handling and most importantly, braking. Which tire you choose for your vehicle will have a dramatic effect on the overall driving experience.”

The first thing to determine when choosing a tire is, of course, what brands and models are appropriate for your car’s year, make and model. After that, says, you need to consider other issues, such as where you drive – mostly highway, mostly stop and go city traffic, off road. The list goes on and on.

But, at the end of the tire conversation, you can be sure that Twin Tire’s trusted tire guys will find the best tire for you and your car. Twin Tire has three convenient locations to help with tire service and car repair – Marrero, Harvey and Hammond. We also have a shop in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles. We carry all brands, sizes and style of tire to suit you, your vehicle and your driving needs.

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