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If you need to replace your tires, the New Orleans auto care pros at Twin Tire are the people who will help you.

You were all ready to hop in your car today and drive over to Honey Island for a ride through the swamp. That is, you were ready until you looked at your tires. That's when you realized your tires are so worn you might not make it there and back without a flat. Now you're figuring you'll be spending at least part of today with the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire Auto Care.

That's a good decision. When you need new tires, the place to go is Twin Tire, the New Orleans auto care service center that carries all makes, models, sizes and style of tire to fit any vehicle or driving need. But now that you've decided to take the plunge to get new tires, you're wondering what happens to used tires.

"One of the biggest issues in terms of solid waste is that of discarded tires," rightturn.com says. "It would make sense then that recycling tires is also a growing concern and is one of the first and best options to deal with the fast-growing problem of tire waste. In response to the desire to recycle, many uses for discarded tires have been developed, greatly reducing their stress on the environment."

Some of those uses involve disassembling them and using the components for other things like rubber bands, or as an ingredient in asphalt. But the easiest way to recycle, rightturn.com says, is simply reusing them for another purpose - like a child's swing, or playground equipment, or as a planter.  Some are used "in the construction of energy efficient homes. Homes that are often referred to as Earthships incorporate tires that have been packed with earth and effectively used as bricks to create everything from the foundations to the walls."

Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient New Orleans auto care and auto repair locations to help you - Harvey, Hammond and Marrero. Twin Tire also has a New Orleans auto repair and auto care center in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

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