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If you hit a pothole and you need a Marrero auto repair specialist, it’s time to see the Marrero auto repair pros at Twin Tire.

This is a tough time of year for Marrero drivers. The weather’s improving, but New Orleans’ roads have done the opposite. They’re full of potholes. And it seems there are more potholes every day.

Of course, you try to avoid them. But sometimes you can’t because of traffic, or maybe you just see them too late. And that can be very bad news for your car.

According to a report in the Globe and Mail, George Iny, president of the Canadian Automobile Protection Association says potholes cause damage to rims and tires but can also cause suspension damage like a broken ball joint or a blown strut.

"Over the long haul, suspension wear is accelerated,” Iny says.

The same report has this comment from the store manager of a Toronto tire company: “On the minimal side it could be bad enough to need an alignment. But I've seen rims cracked in half, I've seen a strut or control arm that snapped and went through the tower - that was a missing manhole cover."

The report further points out that there can also be tire damage that you can’t see. But later, the tire blows out.

What’s a driver to do?

Well, of course, the best thing is to avoid potholes. The next best thing is to keep your tires properly inflated because that will help protect your car against damage from “garden variety potholes,” according to the Globe and Mail.

But if you hit a big pothole, stop, get out, see if there’s damage. Feel how the car drives and take it to a trusted Marrero auto repair specialist for evaluation and/or repair. You’ll find the most reliable Marrero auto repair experts at Twin Tire Auto Care.

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