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Just because a tire looks good doesn't mean it is good. Age is a major factor in tire safety.

You had a very bad start to the week when you came out of your house to go to work this morning and found you had a flat tire. It made you want to go back inside and crawl under the bed rather than go horse riding later in the day. But you were one of the lucky ones – you had a full-sized spare. You just put on the spare and went about your business and fun. You figure you’ll eventually get around to replacing the flat tire. Sometime.

Whoa! Not so fast!

That spare might look as if it’s in good condition, but is it? Has it been there since you bought your car – how many years ago?

It’s worth a thought because tires age even when they’re not being used. According to a report on findings from testing done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the agency "found not only that tires did show an increasing failure rate with age, especially at around 6 years, they also found that the rate of aging was only slightly less for spare tires.” The article adds that the NHTSA concluded that “mileage was a relatively unimportant factor in [failures due to] aging compared to time. Thus time, not mileage, is the correct metric for tire aging.”

Not only that, heat – hot weather – can make the tire age faster.

The moral of the story is that, when you get that flat tire replaced, make sure your auto mechanic looks at the spare and at the other three tires. Even if they look good, if they’re more than six years old, you might want to replace all of them. It’s a matter of safety.

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