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When your tires need to be replaced, you need to consult New Orleans auto care pros like the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire.

You try to be a responsible car owner by keeping up on your routine maintenance, like oil changes and such. You check your tires once a month to make sure you have enough tread. And, you even glance at them before going on short trips - like to the nearby Jean Lafitte National Park.

So it might surprise you to know that, even with good tread, your tires might not be safe and might need replacing. It all depends on how old they are. Edmunds.com explains:

"For years, people have relied on a tire's tread depth to determine its condition. But the rubber compounds in a tire deteriorate with time, regardless of the condition of the tread. An old tire poses a safety hazard.

"For some people, old tires might never be an issue. If you drive a typical number of miles, somewhere around 12,000-15,000 miles annually, a tire's tread will wear out in three to four years, long before the rubber compound does. But if you only drive 6,000 miles a year, or have a car that you only drive on weekends, aging tires could be an issue. The age warning also applies to spare tires and 'new' tires that have never been used but are old. ...

"Every tire that's on the road long enough will succumb to age. Tires that are rated for higher mileage have 'anti-ozinant' chemical compounds built into the rubber that will slow the aging process, but nothing stops the effects of time on rubber, says Doug Gervin, Michelin's director of product marketing for passenger cars and light trucks."

That's why, Edmunds says, you should never buy a used tire. And you should be aware of the age of "new" tires that are off the shelf. Edmunds explains how to tell a tire's age:

"For the purposes of determining the age of a tire, you'll just need to know its U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number.

"Tires made after 2000 have a four-digit DOT code. The first two numbers represent the week in which the tire was made. The second two represent the year. A tire with a DOT code of 1109 was made in the 11th week of 2009. Tires with a three-digit code were made prior to 2000."

Of course, you could make it easy on yourself by buying your tires from a trusted New Orleans auto care dealer like those at Twin Tire Auto Care.

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