The Top Five Reasons to Keep Your Tires Aligned

Keeping your tires properly aligned in Metairie-New Orleans has many upsides.

You’re headed to work or your Monday night Tai Chi class at NOMA when you realize you’re having to work to keep your car pointed in the right direction. At first, that pulling to the right was just a bit annoying, but now it’s getting worse. Pulling to one side or the other is a sign that your car’s tires (or wheels) are badly out of alignment. Now’s a good time to get it fixed before the steering gets really bad.

It’s pretty easy to decide that you need a tire alignment when you’re having trouble steering. But, short of that, it can sometimes be hard to have your wheels aligned just as a matter of good maintenance. It’s one of those bits of car or truck maintenance that’s really easy to put off. But delayed maintenance – even wheel alignment – isn’t a good idea for lots of reasons. And maintaining your car has many benefits.

Here are the top five benefits of keeping your tires aligned at all times, according to

  1. The right alignment improves handling. “A car with a proper wheel alignment is easier to drive. When dealing with road obstacles such as potholes (which also throw out the alignment even more), you're one step ahead if you have correct wheel alignment on your vehicle.”
  2. Correct alignment saves on tires. Tires on a car that’s out of alignment can wear incorrectly and get “shredded in a relatively short time.”
  3. It helps gas mileage.
  4. Proper wheel alignment reduces wear on your steering column. “Bad alignment causes wear on a lot of car parts, not just the tires. In extreme situations, a vehicle out of alignment can shake parts and cause even more deterioration. Your best bet is to do periodic alignments so that car systems don't suffer from being jolted around.”
  5. The right alignment keeps your tire warranty or “lifetime” guarantee in force. “If your tires carry a warranty or ‘lifetime certificate,’ check the fine print. It's likely that it includes the requirement of getting periodic alignments to keep tires from wearing incorrectly. Don't let your warranty be voided by a lack of proper maintenance.”

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