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Just because the tread looks okay doesn't mean your tires are in good shape.

You’re one of those people who just doesn’t put a lot of mileage on your car. About the only thing you do is drive to work each day and maybe make a once a week trip to the grocery store or an occasional Pelicans game. If you go other places, it’s usually in a friend's or significant other’s car. In fact, you can’t remember when you last bought a set of tires. Even though it’s been awhile, the tread looks almost brand new. They’re certainly not looking like worn out tires. You can’t understand why friends are telling you it’s probably time to get another set.

Popular Mechanics explains:

Tire replacement is pretty straightforward to the cost-conscious: when the tread wears down or a hole can't be patched. The reality is more nuanced than that. Tires are complex components that undergo amazing stresses during even the most mundane of drives. …

Tires do degrade over time, though, and that process is called dry rot. Oils and chemicals in the rubber compound start to evaporate or break down because of UV exposure. The rubber loses its flexibility and begins to crack at the surface, and the structure becomes more and more brittle (think of a really old rubber band), leading to sidewall damage and eventual failure. And we're not talking ‘Oh, I'll just fill it up and drive on it’; this is a complete loss of function. You might even see tread start to separate. It's good practice to replace tires as soon as you see signs of dry rot, to prevent blowouts and the subsequent loss of vehicle control. Even if there are no signs of rot, the industry standard is to swap out tires before they hit 10 years old, and some tire companies recommend replacement as early as six years after manufacture.”

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