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When your tires are worn out, you need an expert in New Orleans tires to make sure you get the best replacements for you and your car.

You're planning to head over to the Benson Tower this morning to watch the participants in NOLA Over the Edge rappel down those 25 stories. You're like most people - the idea is great, but, no thanks. You know it's safe because of the meticulous attention to detail and equipment, but the idea of going over the edge on a building that high is simply mind boggling.

The reason - Capt. Obvious, here - for paying strict attention to the condition of rappelling equipment is so you're not injured if something breaks as you go down the side of a mountain or a building. It's the same with your car - especially the tires. You don't want them to fail while you, or your loved ones, are in the vehicle.

As auto.howstuffworks.com says, "Tires get old and worn down. And because a tire failure while you're driving can be catastrophic, causing your car to go out of control or leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere without any easy way to get home, you want to know when your tires are in bad shape so you can get new ones before something goes wrong."

Yet some drivers tend to ignore the condition of their tires, even when the signs of wear are obvious: no tread, bulges and blisters on the side of the tires, car vibrations while driving. Other drivers know their tires are in bad condition but want to squeeze the last mile out of them.

If your tires are in bad condition, it's time to come down to Twin Tire Auto Care to have them checked out. Twin Tire has been the trusted expert in New Orleans tires since 1973 whether its for tire maintenance or tire replacement. Twin Tire stocks all brands, sizes and type of tire to fit any vehicle or driving need.

Now's a good time to buy tires because Twin Tire has several money-saving coupons for you to choose from: Some give you rebates of up to $160, others give you a deal on wheel alignment with the purchase of a set. Some restrictions apply - click here for details or just come down to Twin Tire, we have three convenient New Orleans tire and auto care locations to serve you: Marrero, Harvey and Hammond. Twin Tire also has a location in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

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