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When your car runs hot and you need New Orleans auto care, call on the New Orleans auto care professionals at Twin Tire.

It's hot out there. Not only are you suffering from the heat, it's also hard on your car and its cooling system. In this case, we're not talking about your auto air, but about the system that keeps your engine cool. describes the car cooling system as "a series of pumps, hoses, thermostats and fans to keep the car at its optimal running temperature."

Auto.howstuffworks adds, "But any problems with this system -- low coolant levels, cracked hoses, loose or broken belts, a leak in the radiator or even a loose or missing radiator cap can cause your car to overheat and break down."

The danger of a breakdown is especially high in the summertime, says.

"The summertime is tough on cooling systems. Sitting in traffic [like when you're headed to this weekend's Bastille Day festival] on a hot day is one of the quickest ways to overheat your car. This is because there's no air flowing across the engine to help keep it cool. A well-tuned cooling system can take long idles in hot weather, but if you have low coolant levels or a busted fan belt, your engine temperature is going to go up -- and fast," auto.howstuffworks says.

What's a car owner to do?

First, have a certified New Orleans auto care technician like those at Twin Tire Auto Care check out your car cooling system to make sure it's ready for the hot summer weather. And, if your car happens to overheat or otherwise need help, get your vehicle to the New Orleans auto care technicians at Twin Tire as fast as possible.

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