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An auto repair expert is needed when your car runs hot.

You were headed home from the Easter parades on Sunday when you noticed your car's temperature gauge inching up toward the hot zone. It happened again yesterday when you were driving to and from work. Now you're facing the dreaded radiator repair.

Maybe. Maybe not.

As explains, "The radiator is obviously the most well known part of the cooling system, but it's frequently not the culprit when it comes to a malfunction." lists the seven most common reasons that a car (or truck) overheats:

  • A failed thermostat
  • Leaky radiator hose(s)
  • Air in the cooling system
  • Radiator leaks
  • A failed water pump
  • Cooling system obstructions
  • A failed radiator fan

The best way to find the real culprit is to take your car to an auto repair expert like those at Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the New Orleans area's most trusted auto repair and auto care service center since 1973. Twin Tire has convenient locations in Marrero, Harvey and Hammond to serve you. Twin Tire also has a Harahan location to service heavy commercial vehicles.

While you're here, take advantage of the Twin Tire Rewards program. It's free to join. You amass points with every qualifying purchase. Those points can be used for a discount on auto care or auto repair, travel perks, or you can donate them to a local charity.

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