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One task you want to complete before summer sets in is finding a New Orleans auto care shop to check out your cooling system.

Certainly one of the pleasures of spring in the New Orleans area is the lush plant life. And, if you want to walk through a shady garden and enjoy the outdoors, today is your day because it’s national public gardens day at the Botanical Garden in City Park. It’s an easy way to cool off for a bit.

Some drivers wonder if there’s an easy way to keep their car engine cool during the summer and save a bit of money. They wonder if they can forego the coolant, or anti-freeze, in favor of using water in their car’s cooling system.

Well, yeah, technically, it can be done. But it’s not a good idea, says

“You should be using antifreeze in your radiator, even in the summer. Why? Because antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors, and actually has a higher boiling point than water. Remember your high-school chemistry? When you mix two chemicals together, you end up with a boiling point that's higher than either one of them separately,” says.

Basically, cartalk is saying that it gets hot under the hood in the summer and a mix of coolant and water keeps the temperature down longer than water alone.

Cartalk adds that you need to check out your entire cooling system: radiator, coolant, belts and hoses , cooling fans, heater core and water pump before summer sets in to make sure there are no hidden problems lurking. And, the place to go for this checkup is, of course, Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has had the trusted New Orleans area auto mechanics since 1973. Our mechanics aren’t just experts in cooling systems, they’re pros at all aspects of auto care, car repair and tire service. We have three locations in the Gretna-Ponchatoula area for cars and light trucks – Harvey, Hammond and Marrero. We also have a location in Harahan for heavy, commercial trucks.

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