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Regular maintenance and auto care is the way to keep your car running for years to come.

When you're driving over to the Mirliton Festival today, take a look around you. Bet you'll see a mix of new and much older cars. While getting a new car is a an exciting thing, it brings with it car payments and other headaches. It can even make you long for one of those cars you hear about. You know the ones - they last for a couple of hundred thousand miles with virtually no major trouble. Well, it is possible to have such a "super" vehicle, says Kelley Blue Book. It's called regularly scheduled maintenance.

"Regular, proper care and maintenance are what really keep vehicles going into the high six-figure mileage ranges," Kelley Blue Book says. "Regularly scheduled maintenance and lubrication using the manufacturers recommended type and formulation of oil, grease and liquids is what will do the trick.

"Replacing normal wear-and-tear parts such as timing belts before they break is also a good path to follow on the road to long vehicle life. Taking good care of your vehicle can make the difference between being the proud owner of a good looking, long lasting, reliable machine, and saying goodbye to a rusty, faded-paint jalopy that fell apart or broke down long before it was designed to."

The other component to auto care is having a reliable auto mechanic, like those at Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the trusted auto repair and auto service company in New Orleans since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient locations - Harvey, Marrero and Hammond. We also have a location in Harahan to service heavy commercial vehicles.

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