Muffle It!

When you need auto repair in Metairie-New Orleans to quiet your noisy muffler, come to Twin Tire and Auto Care.

One of the great things about being a kid is making noise. Sometimes it’s noise for noise’s sake. At other times, it’s noise that has some relation to your play. Like the “Vrooooom!” you made while playing with toy cars. Like most loud noises you made, “Vrooooom!” probably wore thin with your mom pretty quickly. Soon, she’d be telling you to be quiet or take your noise outside.

Now that you’re an adult, you’re finding that “Vroooom!” is equally unappreciated by other adults, whether it’s your friends and neighbors or fishermen who think you’ll scare the fish away. What’s even worse than the noise itself is the fact that the noise could be an indication that your muffler is sick.

“Noises emitted by the muffler can point to a bad part. A low booming sound or a hiss signal a bad muffler,” says. “Investigate any rattling sounds, as well. Any loud noises should be checked by yourself or a professional. If your muffler usually makes a bit of noise, pay attention to any increases in decibel, as this is also a symptom of a muffler in need of repair.”

Of course, when you need auto repair in Metairie-New Orleans, the place to come is Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the auto care shop of choice in Metairie-New Orleans since 1973. We have three convenient auto repair locations in Harvey, Hammond and Marrero where we service cars and light trucks. For heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, try our Harahan location.

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