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When your car makes funny noises, take it to the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire. They can help you with that!

You know the drill. You're happily driving along thinking about where you're coming from - like the King Cake Festival - and you hear it. A funny noise. You may not be sure at first that you really heard something. But there it is again. Yes, your car is making funny noises.

Now comes the decision. Do you take your car to Twin Tire Auto Care or do you just hope the noise will go away?

That depends on the noise.

"You should not ignore certain thumping, banging, clicking and squealing sounds. These sounds often rear their heads or intensify whenever the driver takes specific actions such as stepping on the accelerator, depressing the brake pedal or turning the steering wheel sharply," bankrate.com says.

"Listen for these noises. If any suddenly becomes part of your everyday driving experience, it’s time to take action. Something is probably very wrong. Ignoring the symptom won’t make the problem magically go away. Delay can provide the time for a problem to worsen, and that usually translates into a bigger and more expensive repair."

Among the noises bankrate.com says you should never ignore - any noise when turning a corner, clunking when braking, hissing or sizzling under the hood, squealing wheels when applying brakes, and scraping or grinding when applying brakes.

Those are all a signal to get your car to the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire Auto Care take charge.

Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient New Orleans auto repair and auto care locations to serve you - MarreroHammond and HarveyTwin Tire also has a New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

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