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An often neglected part of car care in New Orleans and other places is your headlights.

When you were coming home from RageFest last night, you noticed things were a little, well, dark. Your headlights seemed to be working, but maybe they were a bit dimmer than usual.

Sounds as if you, like lots of other drivers, have been neglecting your headlights. Yet, making sure your headlights are functioning at peak is an important part of New Orleans car care. As the nonprofit Car Care Council points out: "While many [drivers] focus on oil changes, brake pads and tire pressure checks, there’s one safety element that’s critical yet often overlooked – vehicle headlight maintenance.

"Headlights are an active safety item and are the first line of defense on a vehicle; if drivers cannot see objects on the road, they cannot react. To prevent this, drivers must be proactive about headlight maintenance. Proper maintenance maximizes the amount drivers can see down road and side road, which can mean additional reaction time, helping you to avoid hazards that cause accidents."

The council advises, among other things, that you always replace your headlights before they burn out. And you always replace them in pairs.

Twin Tire and Auto Care is the place to go when you need your headlights replaced or repaired or other basic auto maintenance done. Twin Tire has been the prime New Orleans car care and auto repair shop since 1973. Locally owned, Twin Tire has three convenient car care locations to serve you: Marrero, Harvey and Hammond. Twin Tire also has a location in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

Be sure you sign up for the Twin Tire Rewards program - it's free to enroll. You get points for every qualifying purchase and you can trade those points in for discounts on New Orleans car care, travel perks, or donate them to a New Orleans charity, like the Fuller Center for Housing.

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