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When your check engine light comes on, see the Marrero auto care experts at Twin Tire to find out why it’s on.

You were coming back from today’s Irish Channel parade when you noticed your check engine light was on. If you’re like most drivers, your initial reaction is a sinking feeling with a bit of panic thrown in.

But insurer Esurance says that, although it does need to be checked out, there’s no need to panic. Why not?

Well, it might just be a loose gas cap. If not, it’s typically not an emergency, Esurance says. And, a competent mechanic can generally easily figure out the problem and solve it.

“So. when you see that light flickering in the corner of your dash, know that while you will need to see a mechanic in the near future, there’s absolutely no need to panic,” Esurance says. “It’s okay to keep going, just make sure you have it checked out as soon as you can.”

When you’re looking for a competent Marrero auto care expert, look no further than the Marrero auto care technicians at Twin Tire Auto Care.

Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans auto care and auto repair service center since 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient New Orleans auto care and auto repair service centers to help you - MarreroHarvey and HammondTwin Tire also has a New Orleans auto repair and auto care location in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

Twin Tire and Auto Care is a proud provider of Firestone Tires | Bridgestone Tires | Goodyear Tires for the New Orleans area.

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