Problems with Your Chassis?

If you're hearing funny noises and having problems keeping your car on the road, you need to get car repair in Metairie-New Orleans.

You’re thinking about driving over to the Fairgrounds for a weekend of racing but you have to admit you’re a bit hesitant because your car has been making some funny noises. As for the steering, well, surely that’s the wind blowing you around on the road.

True. It COULD be the wind. Or, it could be your chassis. Funny noises and steering and handling problems are all signs that your chassis may have problems. Other signs include increased gas consumption and rapid tire wear.

“Each part of your car is equally important as each other but there is one part that is probably the most crucial to the overall functioning and performance of the vehicle as the chassis. This is the frame that is positioned at the bottom of a vehicle and lends support to several parts present on the car’s under-surface,” says SGH & Sons Bodyworks, in Bristol, England.

SGH adds, “With time and obvious wear and tear, it is quite possible that the chassis might get damaged; recognizing this is important, but not a very easy task.”

The easiest thing to do is to bring your car to one of Twin Tire and Auto Care’s three convenient locations in Harvey, Marrero or Hammond. Twin Tire has been trusted car repair shop in Metairie-New Orleans for more than 40 years. And, if you make an appointment online, we’ll give you $5 off any service.

Whatever you do, if you think you have chassis or steering problems, you don’t want to put things off. As SGH cautions: “Although it is the least visible part of the car, the chassis is what provides the basic framework for its structure. Exposure to tough road conditions can cause damage of the chassis and unless you identify this early, you may need to replace the chassis, an expensive and avoidable step. Watch out for these signs of a damaged chassis, so that you do not end up repenting later.”

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