Get Ready for Mardi Gras | Auto Care

A bit of auto care this week means you can make it to Mardi Gras next week.

You know Mardi Gras isn't far away when the Royal Sonesta holds its annual greasing of the poles. And while that may or may not be one of the Mardi Gras traditions you enjoy, there are plenty of others coming up that you don't want to miss. Or maybe you DO want to miss them and plan to leave town for the duration.

Either way, you want to make sure your car is in top condition to make it easy to get to - or get away from - the Mardi Gras frenzy. And, of course, the best way to make sure your car is in top condition is to provide regular auto care and maintenance. quotes Jason Kavanagh, an engineering editor at the automotive site  “Preventive maintenance keeps small issues from mushrooming into large—and expensive—ones.”

And the best place in New Orleans to get regular auto care is Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans auto care and auto repair shop since 1973. Twin Tire has convenient locations in Marrero, Hammond and Harvey to service your cars and light trucks. Twin Tire also has a location in Harahan to service heavy commercial vehicles.

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#NewOrleans #AutoCareNearMe #AutoRepair #MardiGras #TwinTireandAutoCare Twin Tire and Auto Care is a proud provider of Firestone Tires | Bridgestone Tires | Goodyear Tires for the New Orleans area.

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