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On the Road with Fido | Marrero Auto Care | Twin Tire Auto Care

On the Road with Fido | Marrero Auto Care

If you’re getting ready to travel with your dog or cat, consult a Marrero auto care pro like those at Twin Tire before you go to make sure your auto air is working.

Like millions of other drivers in the U.S., you’re planning a road trip over Memorial Day weekend. You’re going to pile the kids and the dog in the car and, off you go for a weekend of carefree fun.

To make sure you do have fun and that your dog or cat enjoys the trip, the Humane Society has these tips for traveling with your pets:

  • Don’t let pets roam in the car. Cats need to be in carriers and dogs should be in a crate that’s held down with a seat belt or other device.
  • Keep your pet in the back seat.
  • Don’t let your pet hang his/her head out the window.
  • Give your pet plenty of rest stops.
  • Try to bring along a human friend who can share driving duties and keep an eye on your pet while you take bathroom breaks or run in to get food.
  • NEVER leave your pet alone in a car.

“A quick pit stop may feel like no time at all to you, but it's too long to leave your pet alone in a car,” the Humane Society says. “Heat is a serious hazard: when it's 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 116 degrees within an hour. On an 85-degree day, even with the windows slightly open, the temperature inside your car can reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. Even if you’re certain of your timing, you can get held up — in just 30 minutes, you could return to a 120 degree car and a pet suffering irreversible organ damage or death.”

Although you should never leave your dog, cat, or other pet alone in the car – even if the auto air is running, you SHOULD make sure the auto air and all other systems are in good shape before you leave. It’s bad enough to break down on the road when it’s just you. But breaking down with kids and/or pets is a thousand times worse.

That’s why it’s wise to take your car to a Marrero auto care specialist to have it checked out before you leave town. It’s also a good idea to get your car checked out even if you’re staying in town for the Greek Fest or other activities because it’s a three-day weekend and many businesses with be closed.

When you’re looking for a Marrero auto care pro, look no further than the certified Marrero auto care technicians at Twin Tire Auto Care.

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