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If you hit a pothole, you're going to need a bit of auto repair for your alignment.

The weather in the New Orleans area has been a bit wet recently, even forcing the postponement of the LSU vs. Alabama season opener in the SEC. But postponed ball games aren't the only side effect of the rain. Rains are rough on roads and help with the formation of potholes.

Potholes are basically caused when the road's surface is fatigued and gives way. But, as Brookhaven, GA, public works director Richard Meehan explained in a news article: "The amount of rainfall has had a significant effect on the number of potholes that have appeared. Potholes ...  are ...  caused  by water seeping into the roadway sub-base, weakening the sub-base, which then cannot support the pavement above it."

Yeah, we know. You don't really care why they happen, you just want those potholes fixed because they play havoc with your wheel and tire alignment if you happen to hit one. Hit one hard enough, and you need to bring your car to an auto repair shop like Twin Tire and Auto Care to have the experts fix things.

Twin Tire has been the New Orleans area's most reliable and trusted auto repair and auto care shop since 1973. Twin Tire has conveniently located service centers in Marrero, Hammond and Harvey to serve you. We also have an auto repair service center in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

While you're here, ask about the Twin Tire Rewards program. It's free to sign up and you get points for qualifying purchases. You can convert those points to discounts on auto care and auto repair or to travel or even to a local charity. It's up to you.

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