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Have the New Orleans auto care experts at Twin Tire rotate your tires regularly for the best performance.

You were walking back to your car after Saturday's Saints game when you happened to notice that a couple of your tires seem a bit worn. They're not worn enough to get new ones, but the tread is more worn than on the other two tires.

That's not unusual. Tires wear at different rates. That's why it's wise to have your tires regularly rotated. Angie's List asked Tim Haynes, general manager of Direct Tire & Auto in Norwood, MA, about tire rotation:

"Rotating tires regularly will ensure that all four tires have the same tread, instead of having two tires with superior tread and two with worn tread. Two worn tires can cause hydroplaning and fishtailing ... They can also lead to poor handling of the vehicle.

“'In equalizing the wear through tire rotations, you are also preserving the vehicle’s handling,' Haynes says. 'This can be observed in the wintertime and in the rain. For safety, you want the best tires on the rear in inclement weather, and this goes for any front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive configurations.'

"Not rotating your tires regularly can lead to decreased gas mileage, a shorter life span and an overall subpar performance."

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