Where the Rubber Hits The Road – Twin Tire

We have all heard the term "where the rubber meets the road" which usually refers to getting things done where all the work takes place. Well nothing could be more accurate than when talking about your tires.

When you look at the "footprint" ( the actual area of the tire touching the ground) of the tire when the car is at rest it is amazing to see that such a small area, just a few square inches, keeps your 3 and 4 thousand pound vehicle on the road in all conditions.

This is where tire tread, rubber type, inflation, mounting and balancing come into play. All of these parameters are designed and engineered by the auto manufacturer to keep you safe and concentrating on other important things like traffic lights. But, after the car leaves the dealership it is up to your local auto repair and tire dealer to make sure all those designs are met and stay in place so the vehicle stays on the road.

Twin Tire takes this responsibility seriously and will offer you the best advice and pricing available on tires and wheels that meet your car or trucks standards.

We just don't sell tires or fix cars.. We ensure your safety and keep your vehicle running properly according to design specifications.

Visit us today in any of our locations and let us show you how...

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