Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake, Shake

If your car is shaking and shimmying, you need to find a car repair shop to diagnose and fix the problem.

You planned to drive over to the Audubon Zoo yesterday after going to the Veteran’s Day memorial ceremony at the National WWII Museum. But, in the end, you did neither because your car is vibrating so much it feels like a dog shaking off water after a dip in the bayou.

It’s hard to diagnose the reasons for shaking because there are many causes, according to Some are pretty simple and straightforward: A dirty air filter or clogged fuel filter can starve your engine of oxygen, for example. Or you could have tire problems. A worn tire, or tire that’s out of balance can cause a car or truck to vibrate. Or the culprit could be more serious: A bent axle or warped brake rotor.

But it doesn’t matter if the problem is big or small. Twin Tire and Auto Care can handle all of them. . We began in 1973 as a two-man family operation. Now we’re the trusted, top-notch tire and auto repair center in the metro New Orleans area with branches in Hammond, Harvey and Marrero to handle cars and light trucks. For heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, try our Harahan location. We service all types of vehicles – traditional gas powered, hybrid, diesel and electric so you don’t have to hassle with a dealership for car repair.

And, remember, we’re honoring our veterans this week. So, through Friday (Nov. 14), we’re offering a free standard lube, oil change and filter to all veterans and active military personnel – a $29.95 value. Or, we’ll deduct the $29.95 from a non-standard lube, oil change and filter. It’s our way of saying, “Thank you,” for the sacrifices you’ve made for us.

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